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Research and development

The technical solution and attractions

Constant research and daily monitoring processes of Tesla brand products ranks our products among those that are of the highest quality and are the most reliable on the market.

Teams of German and Czech scientists cooperate in research that focuses primarily on safety and maximum battery life. The result of this cooperation is the fact that Tesla products outperform their competition in the vast majority of the tests.

Since the highest priority is safety in all its aspects, the research centers of Tesla Batteries a.s. are occupied not only by the development of new technologies, for example those preventing explosion, or battery leakage, but also constantly develop new materials (environmentally friendly), which are used for the production of batteries.
Each of the technologies, such as the technology of double-folding, or optimizing the internal battery voltage to ensure greater stability of the performance of the battery, guarantee the fact that batteries of the Tesla brand are not only safe, but also have a long-lasting battery life.

In the form of long-term, continuous work by the developers and the scientific teams, Tesla Batteries a.s. also expends its energy on the development of new technologies that could replace existing technologies, and so become indispensable for our daily life in the future.