Tesla batteries


Alkaline batteries

The TESLA GOLD+ series is our top class alkaline batteries range, and were specially developed for very energy intensive devices, for example, cameras and their flashes. This series brings the highest performance over a long period.


Alkaline batteries

The TESLA SILVER+ series includes alkaline batteries for devices with long-term high consumption of electrical power. It is the ideal choice for electronic toys. This series is characterised by the long life of the batteries under constant power load.


Zinc-carbon batteries

Under the TESLA BLUE+ brand, we manufacture a series of zinc-carbon standard power battery. These batteries are suitable mainly for use in devices with short-term low consumption of current, for example, television remote control devices or wall clocks. The major benefit of the BLUE+ series is its affordability.


NiMH rechargeable batteries

TESLA RECHARGEABLE+ are high-end, long-life NiMH accumulators.  The application of advanced technology guarantees very low self-discharge and life – at least 1,000 charging cycles. All the batteries are already charged at the factory and can be used immediately upon unpacking. They are suitable for all household appliances.


Li-pol mobile chargers


The TESLA POWER BANK series are powerful and very compact rechargeable accumulators, which will charge your telephones or tablets anywhere on your journey. They contain high-end Li-pol batteries and have an integrated power supply cable that allows you to charge devices via MicroUSB, Lightning connector or USB-C. Take the TESLA POWER BANK along with you on your journey and you will never be left stranded.